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9Android 9.0 Autoradio GPS DAB+OPS PASSAT GOLF 5 JETTA SHARAN Beetle SEAT 3-UI

9Android 9.0 Autoradio GPS DAB+OPS PASSAT GOLF 5 JETTA SHARAN Beetle SEAT 3-UI
9Android 9.0 Autoradio GPS DAB+OPS PASSAT GOLF 5 JETTA SHARAN Beetle SEAT 3-UI
9Android 9.0 Autoradio GPS DAB+OPS PASSAT GOLF 5 JETTA SHARAN Beetle SEAT 3-UI
9Android 9.0 Autoradio GPS DAB+OPS PASSAT GOLF 5 JETTA SHARAN Beetle SEAT 3-UI
9Android 9.0 Autoradio GPS DAB+OPS PASSAT GOLF 5 JETTA SHARAN Beetle SEAT 3-UI
9Android 9.0 Autoradio GPS DAB+OPS PASSAT GOLF 5 JETTA SHARAN Beetle SEAT 3-UI
9Android 9.0 Autoradio GPS DAB+OPS PASSAT GOLF 5 JETTA SHARAN Beetle SEAT 3-UI
9Android 9.0 Autoradio GPS DAB+OPS PASSAT GOLF 5 JETTA SHARAN Beetle SEAT 3-UI
9Android 9.0 Autoradio GPS DAB+OPS PASSAT GOLF 5 JETTA SHARAN Beetle SEAT 3-UI
9Android 9.0 Autoradio GPS DAB+OPS PASSAT GOLF 5 JETTA SHARAN Beetle SEAT 3-UI
9Android 9.0 Autoradio GPS DAB+OPS PASSAT GOLF 5 JETTA SHARAN Beetle SEAT 3-UI
9Android 9.0 Autoradio GPS DAB+OPS PASSAT GOLF 5 JETTA SHARAN Beetle SEAT 3-UI

9Android 9.0 Autoradio GPS DAB+OPS PASSAT GOLF 5 JETTA SHARAN Beetle SEAT 3-UI
DAB+Autoradio DVD GPS Bluetooth 3G Opel Corsa C/D Zafira Astra H Vectra C Signum 3G TNT-IN. Octa core Android 8.0 Autoradio Navi DAB+GPS 4G TNT for AUDI A3 S3 RS3 RNSE-PU Vito Viano. 9Android 9.0 Autoradio GPS DAB+OPS PASSAT GOLF 5 JETTA SHARAN Beetle SEAT 3-UI. This unit is the best android car multimedia system on the market, the most functions can be compared with your smartphone. All-in-One Design for VW with built-in Dual Channel CanBus Decoder (it cost GBP30 in the market), which support OPS/Radar/OBD/Reversing Trajectory/Air Climate Control Display. Adopt the newest Android 9.0 Pie OS, 1024600 HD Capacitive Touch Screen, Quad Core 1300MHz CPU, 2GB RAM and 16GB Internal Storage, Support extended 1 Card/4 USB Stick up to 564GB. It has special Port for Digital TV Box, you can connect our Digital TV Box to achieve touch operation, and this item can power on the connected DTV Box. Built-in DAB+ App, just connect with our DAB+ Box to use this function.

Built-in TPMS App for display Tire Pressure Monitoring System, just connect with our TPMS product through USB to use this function, and built-in DVR App, just connect with our USB DVR to use Car Record function. Support Mirror Link for iPhone and Android SmartPhone. Support Torque Pro (OBD2 & Car), you can connect a ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner Tool to use this function. Most popular and strongest function. Support 1080P Videos/live images/2160P Photos, support PDF/WORD/TXT/EXCEL, Audio/Video/Photo media Player, surf Internet through 3G/4G or WiFi, support Google online maps and Free Android offline maps GPS Navi, get access to thousands of apps, games on the Google Play Store, keep connected through Twitter, Facebook, Gtalk, Gmail, WeChat, Skype and other services, play popular games like Fruit Ninja, Feed the Candy, Angry Birds, Big Fish, Air Attack...

Radio, RDS, Bluetooth, USB, SD, CAM-IN, AUX, Steering Wheel Control, 8 Panel Light Colors and via RGB Combination, Live Wallpaper, DIY Wallpaper. This unit will fit the following car model. Note: This unit has front panel size. 220mm(Top width)130mm(High)210mm(Bottom width). Built-in Dual Channel CanBus Decoder. Support display Car OPS/Radar, A/C Control and Reversing Trajectory. Screen with buttons---our unique design.

Android 9.0 Pie Operation. System, Beautiful and fashionable 3 main menu UI Design. Five-Point Touch Capacitive Screen, 1024600 HD Digital Screen. You can run two apps side by side.

Support extended 1 Card/4 USB Stick up to 564GB. Music/Radio/BT-Stereo Player and Clock/Date/Week can be displayed on Main Menu. Built-In Clock and Calendar, Clock/Date/Week/Time Zone adjustable, can use GPS or network-provided time. Multi-Languages: it has more than 180 languages to select. 8 Panel light colors, and you can setup hundreds of colors via RGB Combination. Built-in 7 Wallpapers, support Live-Wallpaper and User's Wallpaper from Gallery Pictures. And support external 3G/4G Internet, 3G/4G Dongle is not included. Online Navigating, you can use GPS Navigating if you are in Internet. Support Android Maps Navigation, you can use Free. Support Android Multimedia Player, it can play Music/Movie/Photo from local Disc or USB/Card. Online Entertainment, support online video, TV, movie, music, radio, Youtube, Yahoo, MSN. Online Communication, keep connected through WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, Gtalk, Gmail and other services. Support read and edit Official Software, WORD/EXCEL/POWERPOINT/PDF/TXT. You can download thousands of Apps and Games from here.

Support 3D Games, HD Video, 1080P, H. 264, Divx Live images Formats.

Support HD Videos up to 19201080 pixels, Photo up to 40964096 pixels. Function, built-in microphone and external microphone Jack. You can connect a ELM327 BT OBD2 Scanner Tool to use this function. Support the newest Mirror Link with iPhone via WiFi and with Android Smartphone via USB or WiFi. USB Port and Micro SD Slot, Support USB Stick and Memory Card up to 64GB. Built-in DVR APK, just connect with a USB Camera to use Car Record function. Built-in TPMS APK, just connect with a TPMS product through USB to use this function. Just connect a DAB/DAB+ Box with USB Port to use this function.

You can connect a DVB-T/T2 Box with special cable to use this function. Support Rear View Camera input and reverse trigger Control.

Electronic Anti-Shock, Last Position Memory. ES2628V 9 Quad-Core Capacitive Android 9.0 Car Multimedia Player GPS/WiFi/4G/TPMS-IN/DVR-IN/DTV-IN/DAB-IN... General - Power Supply: DC 12V (allowance range: 10.8-14.5V) - Max.

Read and edit Office Software: Yes, support Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, TXT Audio - Format: MP3, WMA, MP2, OGG, AAC, MA4, FLAC, APE, WAV etc. Could play via song list - Record: MP3, WMA - Other: LRC synchronized display; ID3 search; Search by files; Album Picture; User-defined audio effect - Audio IC: Top Global Cirrus IC, independent audio decoding - SNR: Noise rations:=90dB Video - Format: Support AVI H.

264, DIVX, XVID, rm, rmvb, MKV H. ASF, TS, TP, 3GP, MPG ect. =30 formats, Playing internet video directly (while downloading) - Play: Up to 19201080 Pixels, 30Mb. Fluent play without light spot - Video Output: Common Video Output (AV) GPS - Operation System: Android 9.0 - Support Maps: IGO, SYGIC maps for Android 9.0 - Ready to use: Yes - Voice Guidance: Yes - Support 2D/3D Map Views: Yes - Dual Zone: Yes, navigating while music playing - Online Navi: Yes, support google maps online navigating Bluetooth - Hands Free: Yes - A2DP (Bluetooth Stereo Music): Yes, can play stereo music through Bluetooth - Bluetooth Music Control: Yes, play/pause/previous/next - PB-Download: Yes, can download phonebook from mobile to this unit - PB-Search: Yes, can use the first letter to search contact member in PB-Listings - Calling Records: Yes, Dialed Call, Received Call, Missed Call - Setup: Auto Answer, Auto connect, Device name - Built-in Microphone: Yes, on the front panel - External Microphone Jack: Yes, on the back, external Mic.

Play by revolve, Powerpoint Support 40964096 Pixels - Wallpapers: 2 live wallpapers, 7 standard wallpapers, support user's wallpaper from Gallery - APK Installer: Support Android Package installer - Support Split Screen, you can run two apps side by side - Support Torque Pro(OBD2 &Car): Yes, you can connect a Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner Tool to use this function - Support Mirror Link function: Yes, support screen mirroring from iphone and Android Smartphone Setup - Car Settings: Base Setting, Factory Setting, Steering Wheel Setting - Base Setting: Brake, Keypress Beep, Power on volume limit, Mirror rearview camera images, Mute during backwards, Navi Setting, Night Brightness, Panel Color Setting... Brake: Warning while video show during driving. Include Radio Area, CanBus, Logo, App, Color Settings - Home App: choose main menu styles from MENU1, MENU2 and MENU3 - Network & Internet: WiFi/Data usage/Hotspot/VPN - Apps & notifications: Apps Info/Notifications/App permissions/Default apps, Special app access - Display: Brightness level, Wallpaper, Screen save timeout, Font size, Display size, Device theme. Sound: Media volume, Defailt notification sound, Default alarm sound, Sound enhancement - Storage: Storage manager.

Device Storage, system storage and Portable Storage - Security & Location: Security status and Privacy - Accounts: Accounts for owner, Automatically sync data on/off - Accessibility: Screen readers, Text-to-speech output, Display, Audio & on-screen text, experimental - Google Services & preferences - System: Languages & input, Date & time, Backup, Reset options, System update, About Device - Languages & Input: more than 180 Languages and choose input method - Date & Time: Setting Date&Time by yourself or choose GPS/network-provided time & time zone - About Device: Display Parameter Info. Input - AUX Video In: One - Rear-View Camera Video In: One - External Microphone In: One - AUX Audio In: R/L - TPMS Box In: One - DAB+ Box In: One - DTV Box In: One - Car DVR In: One Output - Video Out: Two - Audio Out: FR/FL/RR/RL - Surround Stereo Out: 445w - Subwoofer Out: One Accessories - 1User's Manual in English - 1RCA AV Cable - 1SWC and other Control Cable - 1External microphone Cable - 1USB OTG Cable - 1GPS Antenna - 1WiFi Antenna - 116GB TF Card. Nous livrons dans le pays suivant SEULEMENT: Europe Pays de l'Union (Canarias, Réunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe, la Bolivie française et ainsi sur les îles EXCLUS). L'expédition sera organisé à partir du Hong Kong.

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Il est nécessaire et très sérieux! - Nous renverrons un nouvel élément / remboursement seulement après avoir reçu le retour d'un des clients. Disassembled ou Réparé par personne non autorisée 2. Damaged par: usure excessive, de la saleté, mal utilisé, une installation incorrecte, d'un accident 3. Toute dommages causés par un mauvais emballage lorsque le retour de l'article de nouveau à nous. Ltd est une société de développement a rapidement établi en 2006, qui a maintenant des bureaux à Londres (Royaume-Uni), Sydney (Australie), Karlsruhe (Allemagne), en Californie (États-Unis), Hong Kong et Shenzhen (Chine). Avec une expérience de plus de 10 ans dans le domaine du système multimédia de voiture, nous avons une équipe très professionnelle de centre et service technique; Nous fournissons uniquement meilleure qualité, la plupart des prix concurrentiels, la plupart des produits excellents et Modernistes et de service les plus avertis.

Nous donner une chance de traiter avec vous vous apportera une façon lumineuse et brillante de la vie. S'il vous plaît nous contacter si toute question, nous allons essayer mieux pour revenir à vous dès que possible. Android 8.0 DAB+Autoradio GPS NAVI DVD Mercedes Benz ML/GL-Class W164 X164 ML300 E53 M5.

Octa core Android 8.0 DAB+Autoradio GPS NAVI BMW M3 E46 3er 320 MG ZT Rover 75 TNT-IN 3G. Android 8.0 double 2 din Autoradio GPS Navigation DAB+BluetoothTPMS 4G OBD TNT OBD 3G.

Android 8.0 Autoradio Navi DAB+BT TNT DVD for Ford Focus Mondeo S/C-Max Galaxy Skoda. 9Android 8.0 Autoradio DAB+4G GPS Mercedes Classe A/B Vito Sprinter Viano W245 Signum. DAB+Autoradio for Opel Corsa Vectra Zafira Astra Vivaro Android 8.0 GPS NAVI DVD Fabia. Listing and template services provided by inkFrog. L'item "9Android 9.0 Autoradio GPS DAB+OPS PASSAT GOLF 5 JETTA SHARAN Beetle SEAT 3-UI" est en vente depuis le mardi 17 septembre 2019.

Il est dans la catégorie "Auto, moto - pièces, accessoires\Auto\ pièces détachées\Autres". Le vendeur est "erisincaraudio" et est localisé à/en 1 Year EU-warranty.

Cet article peut être expédié au pays suivant: Union Européenne.

  • Marque: Erisin
  • Numéro de pièce fabricant: 2628VHF-EC
  • CPU: Quad-Core MT8321A Industrial-grade Chips
  • DAB + Radio numérique: Oui, DAB + Antenne supplémentaire nécessaire
  • DVB-T TV originale: Oui, DVBTV-Box supplémentaire nécessaire
  • DVD/CD: Non
  • EAN: DoesNotApply
  • Écran: Écran capacitif 9"+ écran HD 1024*600
  • Fonction inverse: Support, extea caméra inverse nécessaire
  • GPS/Sat Nav: Oui, prêt à partir
  • Manuel: Anglais seulement
  • Manuel d'installation: Non
  • OBD2: Oui, adaptateur OBDII supplémentaire nécessaire
  • RAM/ROM: 2 Go de RAM, 16 Go de mémoire interne
  • Système d'exploitation: Google Android 9.0 Pie Operation System
  • Taille d'installation: 220mm(Top width)*130mm(High)*210mm(Bottom width)
  • taxe personnalisée: Non inclus
  • TPMS: Support, boîte supplémentaire TPMS nécessaire
  • WiFi: Oui, modem WIFI intégré
  • 3G/4G Internet: Oui, un modem 3G/4G supplémentaire est nécessaire
  • Bluetooth: Oui, A2DP et la fonction mains-libres ainsi que OBDII
  • Commande au volant: Oui, canbus inclus

9Android 9.0 Autoradio GPS DAB+OPS PASSAT GOLF 5 JETTA SHARAN Beetle SEAT 3-UI